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Dr. Deniz Köksal is an expert in sustainable supply chain management who campaigns for the science-based movement and speaks up for social justice and environmental responsibility in the World of Textiles and Fashion.

Vision and Mission



I believe in a fascinating world of fashion which rediscovers its lost soul and develops a force for social and environmental justice



serving as a bridge and translator to connect key stakeholders and make evidence-based and credible information available, comprehensible, and actionable

With Sound of Garments he serves as a bridge who translates science on sustainability in the world of textiles and fashion to become accessible, comprehensible, and actionable.

Deniz is an expert in sustainable supply chain management in the fashion industry who achieved his PhD in 2019 at the Institution for Sustainable Corporate Management at the Ulm University (Germany). In light of his in-depth research on sustainability, he learned that it is fundamental to conduct research on the spot, meet the affected people and local environment of major sourcing countries. This supported him to understand the social and environmental impact of the textiles and fashion industry, which he believes is key to foster sustainable development. In order to complement his research on sustainability in Textiles and Fashion, he intensified his scientific activities on consumer landscape and sustainable business models with the ultimate aim to combine the social, environmental and economic dimensions.

From 2015-2022, he was the Head of Market Research Laboratory at the School of Textiles & Design of the Reutlingen University (Germany) and Lecturer in International Marketing and Market Research. Besides his extensive understanding of the fashion industry`s specific characteristics, dynamics, and global interrelations he is a fascinated and passionate researcher in the field, who continuously runs short- and long-term research projects to investigate the ever changing marketplace and explore consumer behaviour and consumption processes. Moreover, he contributed as a sustainability and research expert for the EU Project “Fashion DIET” funded by the European Commission. Today, he serves as a strategic advisor to support start-ups and established fashion brands in the development and implementation of sustainable supply chain management,  social and environmental risk management and sustainable business models.

Thanks to his vast knowledge in fashion and sustainability, his inspiring, as well as progressive nature to engage and activate audience, he is frequently invited for keynotes, panels, guest lectures and interviews. As such, he has been a speaker and panelist at multiple sustainability events and fairs and interviewed for highly influential magazines such as Glamour or the Textilwirtschaft, Germany`s most renowned and important textile and apparel magazine.

Together with his family, he lives in Amsterdam and pursues his promise made to his little daughter:

“I`ll do everything in my power to contribute for more respect and esteem to both, human and nature, providing better quality of life to your future”

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